Corporate Portfolio


Farmacity is the leading drugstore chain in Argentina with over 260 stores distributed nationwide.

Puppis is a leading omnichannel pet specialty retailer, with circa 50 stores and significant online presence in Colombia and Argentina. como conocer a un hombre mentiroso

Blush-Bar is a Latin American specialty multi beauty retailer with a unique portfolio that includes the best and most innovative beauty brands in the world citas web gratis

Freddo is the largest artisanal producer and retailer of premium ice cream in Latin America with over 200 stores in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, US and the UK


Pampa Cheese, with a state of the art plant in Santa Fe, is a producer of mozzarella cheese selling to leading pizza chains and retailers, both locally and internationally conocer personas en todo el mundo


Instaleap is a service as a software provider focused on on-demand logistics solutions for retailers.

Marketec, based in Argentina and Mexico, is a provider of check-out couponing solutions that enhance customer loyalty for retailers and provides consumption incentives for consumer product companies’ clients


Calucé is a Colombian senior living facilities owner and operator with over 40 years of experience in the market.


Viajero is a Latinamerican focused lifestyle and hostel chain with operations in several countries in the region.