About Pegasus

Pegasus is a private business group that develops, manages and invests in enterprises in Latin America, aiming to contribute to the creation of greater overall welfare in the societies, and caring for the environments, in which it participates.

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Since its founding in 2000, Pegasus invested in the real estate, retail, agribusiness, technological and financial sectors.

Pegasus Group seeks to have a positive impact for all who make possible the realization of the initiatives it pursues: employees, customers, suppliers, partners, sources of capital and society as a whole.

Companies managed by Pegasus Group generate thousands of direct and indirect jobs in the countries in which it operates: Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, and the United States.

We encourage individual initiative and responsibility and a culture of teamwork, commitment and deep desire to excel.

Our team is on the ground and multi-disciplinary, with strong qualifications and complementary experience in diverse business areas.

We evaluate the success of our results based on an economic, social and environmental screening. We are convinced that doing so creates greater long-term value for all involved.

Our partners, with whom we share management styles, are a select group of institutional and private investors in Latin America, the United States, Europe and the Middle East.